Our Program

Join us every Saturday morning and discover our amazing Italian Program

Welcome to Saint John School, a beautiful school situated in the heart of the North End at 9, Moon Street that kindly has been offering its location for our courses since 1973. Over hundreds students, children and adults, come every Saturday morning to learn Italian from wonderful native Italian speaking teachers through music, fun activities, amazing books and short field trips in the Italian community.

Classes are held every Saturday morning from 10am-12:30pm. Class registration is offered on-site online at this website.

Courses are taught following an innovative approach to the Italian language. Children and adults will learn the beauty of the Italian language thanks not only to grammar, speaking and reading sessions but also through our different and innovative activities.


Livello ASILO   age 4-5

Livello ELEMENTARE A   age 5-6

Livello ELEMENTARE B  age 6-7

Livello ELEMENTARE C   age 7-8

Livello INTERMEDIO  age 9-10

Livello AVANZATO    age 11+


Livello A  Beginners

Livello B  Intermediate

Livello C  Advanced