Laura Odoguardi, Adulti Livello A1

Adults Level A1


The Beginner level at the Pirandello Italian Language Center can be defined as an “A1 Start Level” based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The entire course is formulated for people that are not familiar with the Italian language, have never taken an Italian course before, or want to learn the basic knowledge of the Italian grammar. All the students in class will become familiar with the use of everyday expressions and very basic phrases and will understand how the language is organized in consistent identifiable patterns. They will be able to introduce themselves to others by using simple words. They will also be able ask and answer basic questions about personal details such as where they live, things they like to do, or people they know.  Students will be able to read and understand the main idea of written texts and write simple sentences regarding a variety of topics. The beginner level provides you a first approach to the Italian language, including simple grammar, and prepares you to interact in a simple way.